Being Brave: Design Leadership/Moving it to the C-Suite

"The idea is a work and also the work is an idea,’ imagined philosopher Walter Benjamin back in his day— fast fwd. to the ‘013’s and think this is an excellent put-it-on-the-table if not challenge commentary via designer Yves Bhar opinioned via Co-Ed. Cliff Kuang, in FastCo Design on redefining the DESIGNERS BUSINESS MODEL…(

    It concerns the idea of ‘investing in clients whom you work for.’ Personally I really like the ideal as more importantly it challenges the designers role of leadership and taking it into the C-Suite and beyond to the world.

   Pretty amazing and worth looking/thinking about as 60% of the FuseProject ‘revenues’ come from their entrepreneurship model— also 80% of their profits! 


 (one of fuseprojects first equity opportunities done for Jawbone)

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